Your Partner For A Carefree Trip

In cazul in care aveti o problema cu autovehiculul dumneavoastra sau doriti doar sa inlocuiti o piesa defecta, va invitam sa ne contactati pentru o programare.

Intervention Programs

Our staff is at your disposal to easily go through the stages of the intervention: scheduling, vehicle reception, identifying the problem and communicating it to you together with the cost of labor and / or parts needed for repair.

Car mechanic

We are at your disposal for all the range of mechanical and electrical repairs necessary for your car.
Engine repairs and their components
Service and repairs to the running system, braking and suspension system.
Service and repairs to the installation food and its components

Computerized Diagnosis

Computerized testing and diagnosis consists of computerized verification (diagnosis) of your car, using computerized systems and interfaces specific to each type of car, including vans.

Car Electric

Efectuam verificari si reparatii la sistemul electric al autovehiculelor acoperind intreaga gama de servicii pentru buna functionare a instalatie electrice de pe autovehicululi dumneavoastra: pornirea motorului, cablaje, sistemul de incarcare al bateriei, senzori, relee, intrerupatoare, semnalizare, unitatii centrale de comanda (ECU), sistemul de iluminare (reglaje, inlocuiri becuri), inlocuire rezistente arse, sistemul de climatizare (climatronic sau AC) si sistemul de confort (inchidere centralizata, comezi usi, geamuri si oglinzi).

Auto Check Center

By belonging to AUTO CHECK CENTER, we aim to improve services and offer customers the best conditions for servicing vehicles.

Painting &

Professional total or partial car painting services.

Professional painting booth.

Repairs and corrections of the body and its elements.