We offer you a whole range of vehicles specialized in the express transport of goods.
With a fleet composed of a diversified range of vans we try to satisfy all the requirements of our customers, based on a transport system that must ensure mobility and provide safe modes of transport.

Fast Car

Weight (kg): 300

Dimensions (cm): Manually loadable

Europallet places: 1


Weight (kg): 1.200

Dimensions (cm): 400*140*175

Europallet places: 5

Curtain side

Weight (kg): 1.100

Dimensions (cm): 400*200*200

Europallet places: 8

7.5 Tons Truck

Weight (kg): 2.600

Dimensions (cm): 610*245*245

Europallet places: 15

Tractor & Trailer

Weight (kg): 23.000

Dimensions (cm): 1360*245*260

Europallet places: 34